Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rainbows and ruffles

She likes it! 

I finished this rainbow dress today. It's my day 2-3 project of Kid's Clothes Week.  I LOVE how it turned out. It's fun, whimsical, and pretty, all the things I love in a little girl's dress.  I did have a little trouble with this dress at one point and had to turn to my seam ripper but it all worked out in the end. 

The back is simple, slit with 2 covered buttons to close. It has some imperfections but I'm hoping that if I don't mention them no one will notice them. :)  
(Most accurate colors)

Twirl - check. 

There are so many wonderful creations in the Flikr group. Go check them out! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rainbows and clouds.

I've been sewing away today but do not yet have anything to show for it. Hopefully I'll finish the rainbow dress I am working on tonight after 'bedtime'.  I did get Anaiah to consent to posing for me in her new dress.. 

She had just woken up from her nap.  I think it's fun and summery and hopefully will not just decorate her closet this summer but will actually get worn!  I think the cloud could have been slightly smaller but I love how silly and fun it looks. Only a cute little kid can get away with wearing a big cloud like this I think! 

I think that the back is my favorite bit of the dress! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cloud 9

Well, things are off to a good start. I managed to finish a dress today.  I'm calling it 'a walk in the clouds'. I like how it turned out and I think it's going to look great on Anaiah.  I'll have to wait till tomorrow afternoon to find that out though because it was a bit passed her bedtime when the last stitch was sewn.

Overall I like how it turned out. I like the crisscross straps and the shirring, they should help keep her cool in the hot Delhi summer.

I almost wanted to line the whole dress because it is ever so slightly see through but I am glad that I didn't because that would have added weight to this airy dress.

I wonder what other ladies have gotten accomplished today?! I'm sure that there are some wonderful things being lovingly made for little ones all over the place! 

Now what to sew tomorrow.. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ready, Set..

It's starting tomorrow, that fun bi-annual week of sewing that is Kids Clothes Week. This year they have dropped the Challenge off the end of the title but it still remains a challenge to me. Spending a little time everyday sewing is fun and I do hope that I'll be able to be productive too.  Anaiah does not actually need any more clothes but I still love sewing them for her.  I'm hoping to challenge myself to sewing clothes for myself as I really need some summer skirts, but that can wait till after this week.  

My fabrics are ready to go. Here is what I intend to use but I might not limit it to this stack.. you never know where inspiration may lead. 

I've also done a few sketches. Never been someone who does well with other peoples' patterns and somehow I enjoy the process of going from an idea in my head or an inspiration from fabric to a sketch and then working out the pattern to fit Anaiah from there. Not that little girls' clothes are usually all that complex anyway, or that I do really complicated things.  I just like to do it myself.  Here are some sketches of mine that will hopefully find there way into dresses this week:

So I am all set to get started, except of course that I just noticed that I'm low of white thread! Hopefully I can get to the shop today so that I can be all ready to get going tomorrow.  Maybe some buttons too.. Interfacing! Ok, I better write a list..

Do you sew for your little ones? Are you joining in the KCW

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A little bling.

It's getting hot in Delhi. The kind of hot that zaps my energy in the afternoons and often results in a headache.  Adjusting to the heat is not fun.  So because my brain feels like mush until the evening I have not been getting much done. I have a long list of things I would like to make over the next few months but I have not started a thing yet. Today my sewing machine seemed to be looking at me longingly and I couldn't ignore her anymore. I dug through my stash of craft supplies when I remembered I had these fun rub-on transfers.  It may not have been any actual sewing but my machine did get some attention today. I think she likes the glitter butterflies! 

  I think she looks cute now. What do you think? Have you made your sewing machine 'pretty' or is it just a tool?  I don't know about you but I am very attached to my machines! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

First day of school.

Today was a big day in our home. It was my daughter's first day of Kindergarten/prep I. (there are 2 years of kindergarten here.) It's still feels a little odd to be sending her for her first day in April, but that is how it goes here in New Delhi. We all got up early which was the greatest challenge to me because I am NOT a morning person.  Anaiah however got up and was in a good mood, ready to start her new adventure.  She enjoyed putting on her new school uniform and even didn't complain about having to wear socks and shoes in this heat. She LOVES her new sippy cup that has a cord for carrying. Her new uniform proved to be a little too big even though they had measured her for it; we'll have to get a smaller size.  She didn't even mind mommy taking her picture! She really is growing up fast. 

Funny girl. 

She had no problems being dropped off at school. No tears, not worries not even a bye bye mommy.. That's my adventurous little lady! So proud of her! I had told her the night before that there might be 'little kids' who would be crying and asking for their mommies and told her that she should be a helper and tell those kids that everything would be ok and their mommies would come to get them later. She can be a really sensitive girl when she sees other kids crying so I hoped that telling her to be a helper/comforter would keep her from getting weird-ed out with all the chaos. I think it worked because there were plenty of crying little kids. 

When I went to pick her up there again was a bit a chaos, as is expected, on the first day of school. Most of the parents crowded the door and the steps to collect their children.  I just waited not wanting to stand in the crowd. However the sun, and the lack of organization meant that the 10-15 minutes I waited have resulted in a sunburn. :(   Tomorrow I'm finding some shade!  Anaiah said she had a good day and was very talkative on the way out. I asked her if she wanted to go again tomorrow and she seems very positive about it. I hope she continues to enjoy it and has a chance to really make some friends at this school. 

It is however tough to see her growing up so fast. Where did my baby go? 

Friday, April 5, 2013

... life happens..

What can I say, life has gotten in the way of blogging once again.  I do hope to be better in the future. There has been some crafting, sewing and baking for birthdays since my last post and want to share a few of the highlights. 

I dyed some yarn and then knitted up these lovely fingerless mitts in February. 

Made a birthday dress and cake for my special little lady in March.  

And now, in April, I'm excited to start sewing summer sundresses for my daughter. What better way to get all ramped up for summer sewing than the bi-annual Kids Clothing Week!  I'm excited to participate again this spring!  It's running  April 22nd- 29th and should be great fun. If you sew for the little ones in your life be sure to check it out here